Yoga and Mindfulness for Schools, Special Needs and Mental health


I am a qualified Integral Yoga Teacher actively working in mainstream and special needs schools in the Dorset area. My approach is very nurturing, enabling my students to grow self-awareness, physical as well as emotional; to unlock their innate ability to self-soothe and relax; to develop self-esteem through accepting themselves and building confidence.

I create a safe environment for my students that allows them to realize their potential and gain self-respect.

Based on the yogic principles of unconditional love and compassion, I approach all my students with kindness and complete acceptance and am dedicated to their well-being. 

 Anya Estermann

Anya Estermann


Find out about classes I offer to mainstream and special needs schools, seniors and for mental health resilience and recovery.

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Sunshine Project Sri Lanka


I support the Heart of Living Yoga Foundation, a registered UK charity,  with the profits from my business.

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